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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 8, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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. >> we continue to follow breaking news right now after an officer was shot in the shoulder late this afternoon that led to a chase and a man hunt in daily ci good evening, let's go right to w4r0er79 is live with breaking news. >> reporter: for the last five hours, police agencies from across the peninsula, including san francisco, have been scouring this daily city neighborhood. just about a half an hour ago, the san francisco police told us they have basically called off this search saying their suspect is gone.
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officers spotted the gunman's get away car just off highway 1 within minutes of the car being located, the entire neighborhood was swarmed by police officers, swat teams from the police department geared up for searches at a few hoechls in this neighborhood. police say they have reason to believe the suspect had associates here a. after this intensive search, they have an clouded the suspect is not here army. in is an area with several open spaces, including highway 1, which is where part of the search was focused. >> we have independent witnesses that saw someone leave the vehicle it was a in question. so those are where the investigative team is still at. we will go from there. >> reporter: police believe they have a good lead on the gunman because they know who the get away car is registered, that's
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where they decided to track him down. it will now shift. right now, the police from all those agency are slowly starting to leave this area. a lot of the residents locked out of their homes here are now being a allowed to go back home this evening. reporting live, abc 23450u7z. >> thank you. this all started in san francisco's mission district around 2:45, neighbors called in a suspicious car. with ten officer approached it, someone opened fire. the partner opened fire from the patrol car. it is unclear if they hit anyone. the driver then took off. >> the 28-year-old officer was rushed to aztec general hospital. he suffered a major vascular injury to the shoulder. his wife and loved ones arrived a few hours ago. stay with us on abc 23450u7z, we have breaking updates. you can follow our twitter feed of the bay area. tonight the fbi is not
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ruling out terrorism as a cause of the disappearance of a malaysian airlines plane. they are sending agents with the investigation. flight 370 vanished early saturday morning to beijing. 239 passengers and crew were on board, two american citizens, two young children. the boeing 777 one of the safest planes never sent a distress signal. >> probabilitys of a mechanical failure brought the plane down is highly unlikely. the possibility or probability of a bomb is more likely. we don't know the situation with respect to weather at the time. we don't know. >> raising a flag, two passengers with stolen passports which is causing concern about the possibility of terrorism. a semi conductor firm from texas that has an office in san jose said they had 20 employees on the plane. police are from malaysia, eight more from china.
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free scale operatives offered prayers to the families affected by the tragedy. santa fe with nbc news. a team is on our website, abc and on twitter at abc 23450u7z bay area. some workers in sonoma county say they are sleeping with one eye opened after a rash of theft targeting the trucks they drive. abc 23450u7z reporter jonathan bloom has details of the investigation. >> the lock was on. this was still the dam. >> reporter: workers have no idea how thievesbugsed the huge padlocks on two plumbing trucks and 13ed out the tools inside. >> that's about six grand, just that orange box and the cable. >> reporter: the owner says the trucks were taken right out of the employee driveway in the middle of the night. they were found nearby with the engines still running. >> our guys lost some of their personal tools and they're, you know, out of work until they're
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waiting to get the tools back. >> reporter: it was a similar story in petaluma. police think it's drug-related. >> we suspect that these are thieves and are probably trying to take care of a habit and stealing anything they can for their next fix. >> reporter: they may have been wearing gloves, just like two suspected burglaries police collected. >> one had a shaved ford ignition key. it is possible that key may have been used in these thefts. >> it could have been used to start the trucks is. >> they seem to know what they were doing. they did take the steering column apart andic in addition, got it started and drove off with them. >> reporter: he hopes police have the right guy. >> i hope they get punished for what they've done. it's affected a lot of empoo. my guys all have familys to raise and mouths to feed. so it's pretty tough.
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>> reporter: john a tharn bloom, a abc news. a man was taking cigarettes out of his van, three men approached. they took a box full of a carton of cigarettes and shot the man in his leg. they drove away westbound on springs road. oakland firefighters pulled the body of an unidentified person from an apartment building on santa clara avenue early this morning t. fire in a 2nd floor unit broke out shortly after 2:00. all other residents got out safely. investigators are trying to determine how that fire started. well, it was a beautiful day, for parts of the bay area, that could change tonight. abc meteorologist leigh glaser is on the roof. >> reporter: hi there, everyone, temperatures today in the 70s across much of the bay area. clouds are starting to move in. live doppler, not picking up any precipitation. it does look like it will be
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tomorrow evening when they're seeing things start to bring us some rainfall. but the rain is very close by. carson city down towards your reka, down towards ukaya. that's probably vir georgia it is falling out of the clouds, not reaching the ground. we have a very weak cold front up here. this will slide in very slowly tomorrow to bring us our next chance of seeing rain. today was terrific. that es are your highs, livermore 71. 71 san francisco. they reached a high of 72. and our friends in san jose 74. we will take another look at the live doop ler at 506789. a look at when that rain is going to arrive coming up in a bit. >> lee, thank you. >> a riverside woman was stung a thousand times. honeybees attacked the woman thursday in palm desert. firefighters say she went into shock. they tried to brush the bees off
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her and take her in the ambulance. the bees stung them many times as well. firemen say it's nothing like he has ever seen before. >> we are estimating 1,000. she was completely covered if bees leak she was wearing a bee suit if you will. >> that is frightening. they came from two hives inside a metal fiber optic box with about 75,000 bees. the hives have been relocated. still ahead on abc news at 506r7b8g9s if you have ever dreamed of spinning the wheel, how to audition to be a contestant on wheel of fortune. sunday's streak returns. where you can
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too much? needs an explosion. . >> if you dreamed of being on
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"wheel of fortune" this week you can. 3,000 people showed up. abc 23450u7z meteorologist helped emcee. wheel producers are looking for energetic people who can figure out their puzzle. manytime people told us they were fans of the show and wanted to solve the puzzle. >> this is something i wanted to do. i'm good at it at home. i'm an accountant that plays word games. "wheel of fortune" is up my alley. >> they have a lot of people all dancing. i can't wait until i get up there. >> you will have another chance to be a part of the wheel mobile from noon to 4:00 tomorrow him we have more details on abc 7 under see it on tv. in san francisco, tomorrow moerng more than 3 miles of the embar co der ro will be closed
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>> >> it's time for the crack of the bat and the smell of franchisely mowed grass. it's baseball season. the san francisco little league kicked off opening day for the parade from the presidio to
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middle school. hundreds of kids participate each year. >> i grew up in the city. we didn't have anything like this before. it's wonderful that we have little league in our city now and that, you know, boys and girls can come out and play baseball. >> good enthusiasm. the league has eight divisions for baseball and four for softball. play ball. a reminder, day late saving time begins tomorrow at 2 a.m. set your clocks before you go to bed tonight. every time we change the clock the consumer product safety commission encourages us to check the batteries in our safety protectors. >> hi there, again, everyone. a terrific day today. a great day for those little leaguers to get out there in that parade. we have noticed some cloudiness
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this evening. you can see no moisture falling as we are sweeping live. we have a cold front, carson city through your reka reporting off and on showers, reading right now reporting a few sprinkles there, this line has schools at ukaya a few sprinkles reported there. this cold front moving slowly is what is going to thicken our clouds overnight tonight and bring us another shot of rain tomorrow. san jose at 63 degrees. you can see santa rosa 59, 59 in concord. as we just wednesdayed, we return to daylight saving time, 2506789 a.m. tomorrow.
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spring ahead one hour tonight. dry, mild, warm temperatures as we head into at least next friday, saturday and sunday. lows tonight, warmer thanks, to the cloud cover' we'll generally be in the mid-50s. this is a cold front right there that is banking up right near our coast, bringing us the showers there. as we head through the east the clouds will be on the increase. the rain will begin sunday evening. it will last until early sunday monday morning. here's an update of our forecast models. beginning at 11:00. they will thicken, friday and tomorrow, possibly seeing heavy mist, drizzle. maybe a stray sprinkle. it will be later that afternoon, as it gets closer to the north bay. that's when we will see the showers dip right now.
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250e6r789 evening, 11:00, 12:00, 1506789, 2506789, the rain points to the east and the south. by 506789 a.m., on the commute time, 1506789 the system will be out of here. we will see plenty of sunshine afternoon. rainfall potential in the north bay. the rest of the bay area. a quarter of an inch or less. so this is not a big weather maker. it will bring us a little more rain which we can definitely use. highs for your sunday, thickening clouds, fremont 70 tomorrow. 72 for san jose. here's the accuweather 467 day forecast. monday morning, sunshine, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, inland temperatures low 70s. 70s around the bay. 50s at the coast. look at friday and said heading
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up towards 80 degree, mid-lands mid-70ssh mid-60s at the coast. there you go. >> thank you so much, lee. time to turn to sports with the big upset. >> we are getting a taste of that march madness early. on the west coast, stanford facing off against the usc. they have been to every pac-12 tournament since 2002. >> that ended tonight in seattle. the player of the years ago 31 points to become the all time leading scorer. it was set by the trojans. ten straight points. five seconds left. tie it. off the rim. party at usc. 72-68 the final.
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short lived. 3-pointer. cardinals up 1. jason reynolds causes utah to travel. san ford wins by 1. senior day, justin cobbs sorely missed. he has 21. it was 31-28. buffalo got the break. 3 seconds left in the game. the win. doesn't go in. i don't have time. the only point in ot came on free throws. tyrone wallace misses. colorado, booker at the buzzer for the win. >> that doesn't go, cal holds on also for a 1-point victory. wcc quarterfinals, 25 seconds to placement zags up five. broncos now down 2. two of the 24, pull up, jay,
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nine seconds remain, plenty of time rebain maining. drives around the rim. what a shot. back before the upset. 77-75 your final. more quarterfinal action. usf, san diego, dickerson, a balanced shot and 1. he had 14 points, second half, 8-r0u7b. set, setback jay. he hits the corner 3. monday's semifinals with a 69-60 victory. game three of the four-game home span, submit a deal everywhere and often. perry in montreal. 1st period, five from center ice. he loses it in his leg. a shot and a point. a chance to buy winggold. san jose takes a 2-4r50ed.
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right now in the 3rd, 4-no.. a complete highlight at 11:00 a.m. a beautiful day for the giants and mariners. second batter of the game, still in the 1st. michael saunders. another two run bomb. seven runs, six hits. up 18-3 your final. as and rockies. rbi trib i triple. as up 1-10i67b8g9s hits, three innings. a powering left off the wall. one run. a double. as fall 4564. donald trump's newly designed blue monster at doral is playing
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like a monster. high winds yesterday. cart path, comes right back to where he was. double bogeys, he is four back. 40-foot eagle. nothing but net. a two-shot leigh lead. tiger, five heading into today. a low round of the tournament. eight birdies. this on 15. 6 under 66 on the day, three back. okay, you can never count tiger out. coming up at 11:00, a.j. griffin threatening to do something on the mound no one has ever done.
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boooorrrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. . >> coming up tonight at 11:00,
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we are continuing our breaking news coverage after an officer is shot. tonight the search for the shooter. a hit-and-run in oakland takes the life of a mother of five. tonight the search to find the driver. plus a close call, a sky diver and plane collide. >> that is it for us here at 506789. thanks, for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00 over on, .
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